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The Nashville Crystal Store

This article first appeared in the travel magazine "Nashville Notes."

In 2019, more and more people are turning to alternative medicine as a complement to their classic white coat doctor’s prescriptions. In the past five years, “Crystal healing” Google searches have more than doubled. Meditation apps like Insight Timer, Headspace, and YogaGlo are as common as Tinder. And it’s near impossible to go anywhere without seeing a yoga studio, or at least, yoga pants.

Sure, there will always be skeptics ready to doubt just about everything. 25 years ago anyone practicing yoga would have been immediately dubbed a hippie and dismissed as someone who spent too much time in their herb garden.

Today, both of those pursuits are lauded, even celebrated. Crystals represent visually stunning decoration that can stimulate your mind and body, similar to a beautiful plant! Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous centerpiece that could soothe the senses?

Meet The Man Behind Nashville’s Crystal Store

Ataana Badilli, proud proprietor and proponent of Nashville’s most complete Crystal Store, delights at introducing people to all aspects of crystals. The Nashville Crystal store embraces everyone, whether you are looking to support the body and mind, or simply bask in the beauty of such visually stunning stones.

“We offer handpicked, professionally cleared and cleansed stones in both of our stores. We are a pure crystal store, dedicated to the beauty of God’s crystal creations. We also give consultations, so people can tell us ‘I am dealing with this issue’ or ‘I just want a couple of stones to brighten up my home.’ We welcome every crystal lover with open arms!”

Ataana studied holistic medicine in Germany and discovered the healing power of crystals during a difficult period in his own life. “My first crystal was a blue agate and believe it or not, it literally communicated through my dreams with me. When I meditated with it, it showed me deep internal patterns that needed to be changed in order to live a healthier life. Stones help me recognize my deep innate power and connection to God and the Universe.

“There Is Nothing New Under The Sun But A Lot Of New Impressions Of Old Things We Can Rediscover.”

From Aaron’s Breastplate in the Bible to calming Katy Perry’s nerves at concerts, crystals have served a variety of purposes for thousands of years. It’s worth noting that all of our precious technology, from smartphones to automotive electronics, run on quartz crystals or rare earth minerals. Without crystals, we couldn’t post pictures of ourselves with doggy ears or have food conveyed to our couches like kings and queens.

Ataana and the Nashville Crystal store have helped thousands of people with their distinct crystal needs. “I can’t tell you how many people have come in with a heart flutter or headaches and with the right crystal we’ve supported them to get better. People call and thank us all the time. It’s not like you put a stone on and it’s going to heal you. It’s more like if you are already getting treatment, why wouldn’t you use the whole holistic pallet that you have available?”

Not Your Average Crystal Store

Ataana’s Nashville Crystal Store is not your typical mom and pop gem store. Ataana and his incredibly knowledgeable staff have helped people from all walks of life sort their crystal needs from Tennessee Titan football players to Hollywood Stars! Whether you are looking for a crystal to shake your chakra, or add some glitz and glamour to your home with a gorgeous crystal, the Nashville Crystal store offers museum-quality crystals at unbeatable prices. Check out massive Rose quartz pieces weighing up to 2200 lbs. and be sure to hug them!

Ataana also offers weekly meditations sessions at both of his two Nashville Crystal Store locations. There he leads patrons through a hour-long meditation session for just $10. The meditation is aided by a crystal, which is the guests to keep at no additional cost! Of course, Ataana and his insightful staff can answer any questions and help you choose the stone that is perfectly suited to your specific needs.

Highest Quality Crystals on the Market

The Nashville Crystal Store invites everyone to experience Nashville’s most complete crystal store, unlike anywhere else! If you’d like to learn about how crystals work and what they can do for you, Ataana and his extremely well-informed staff will happily fill you in on all things crystals.

Sharing their accumulated lifelong knowledge is one of their favorite pursuits! There’s no such thing as a silly question. If you have a crystal in mind, they’ll help you hone in on the absolute perfect crystal to fit those specific desires and needs.

From tiny handheld crystals to carry with you to giant awe-inspiring stones for your home or garden, the Nashville Crystal Store has it all! You’d be hard-pressed to find any crystal store in the country with a more impressive selection of crystals, or a kinder, more caring staff. Many of Ataana’s crystals are worthy of the Smithsonian, no exaggeration!

Such quality is thanks to Ataana’s tireless international search for the finest crystals. For years, he traveled the world learning about crystals and meeting the miners who delve into the earth for these precious stones. Thanks to his relentless hunt, the Nashville Crystal store presents high quality, healthy, loving stones.

So what are you waiting for? Come check out either of the Nashville’s Crystal Store locations. They can’t wait to see you!

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