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Why Am I The Freelancer For You?

  • 7 years of freelance article writing experence. Exemplified by the 100% job success rate on Upwork and 20+ five star reviews

  • Clean original copy. Every word undergoes scrutiny from Grammarly premium and a human editor with over 25 years of experience 

  • Diverse and varied background. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. I also globetrotted around the planet for over 5 years and still travel when the opportunity strikes 

  • My client history includes Ridgewallet, DiabeticsWeekly, NashvilleNotes, SportsBetting3, ExpeditionsHawaii, and many more! Currently, I’m writing for GroovyHistory,, and various regional gambling websites across the country 

• 2013 Graduate of 

Arizona State University dipolma

with a   

B.A in English Literature

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• A Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork 








with a 100% Job Success Rate

Read About The Majesty Of The Real Middle Earth

Black & White Photos Come To Life Showing History's True Colors

A Groovy Collection Of Crazy Stories From The 60s, 70s, And 80s

Wilt Chamberlain, arnold schwarzenegger, and Andre the Giant during the filming of Conan the Barbarian 2

Rare Photos From The 1980s You Haven't Seen But Should

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Scientiest Vincent J Schaefer experimenting with controlling the weather
The Ridiculous Cleveland Balloonfest Disaster Of '86

​The Real Rainmaker, Atmospheric Scientist Vincent J. Schaefer

How A Festive Record-Setting Balloonfest Turned Into A Disaster

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 5+ Years of Solo Globetrotting








More Than 30 Countries Visited 

• Hablo Español 

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